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   Join dcrbn.io, the world's leading blockchain adoption accelerator. We specialize in driving blockchain innovation and adoption by partnering with visionary projects.


2. **Benefits**:
   - Access to unparalleled mentorship from industry experts.
   - Exposure for project through our robust influencer network
   - Create a partner network that accelerates revenue growth 
  - Ability to CoCreate with our existing portfolio companies 
- Access to Global Investor Network

3. **Eligibility Criteria**:
   We welcome blockchain projects that are:
   - Disruptive and innovative.
   - Projects that are derisking the blockchain space.
   - Seamlessly transition from web2 to web3 - technologies.
   -Projects that create carbon negative outcomes2

4. **Application Process**:
   - Start by completing our comprehensive application form.
   - Shortlisted applicants will be invited for interviews and pitch presentations.
   - Successful projects will be accepted into our prestigious accelerator program.

5. **Complementary Projects**:
   We actively seek projects that complement our existing portfolio companies. Collaborative synergies are key to our success.


6. **Selection Criteria**:
   Our evaluation factors include:
    - Most important, we are looking for great humans
   - Team experience and dedication.
   - Scalability and potential impact.
   - Alignment with our mission to drive blockchain adoption.

7. **Portfolio Companies**:
   Explore our impressive portfolio of blockchain companies that have thrived under our mentorship and support.

8. **Testimonials**:
   Hear from previous participants who have achieved remarkable success through dcrbn.io's accelerator program.

9. **Timeline**:
   Stay informed about our application deadlines, selection periods, and the duration of our accelerator program on our website.

10. **Contact Information**:     For inquiries and application-related questions, please reach out to our dedicated team at [contact email or form].

11. **FAQs**:     Visit our FAQs section for quick answers to common queries about the application process and our accelerator program.


Apply for Accelerator

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DCRBN is proud to partner with edenark.com as an auditor and ISO certification issuer, specializing in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) ISO 14001 certifications. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to assist SMEs in the blockchain industry to determine their eligibility and obtain ISO 14001 certification.
Our services include:
- ISO certification consulting: Our expert team will assess your project's sustainability practices and guide you through the ISO 14001 certification process.
- Training: We provide tailored training programs to help your team understand ISO standards and implement sustainable practices.
- Audit support: We offer dedicated audit support to ensure your project meets the ISO 14001 criteria.
- Experience: With a proven track record, we have successfully assisted organizations of all sizes in achieving ISO certifications.
If you're a project in the blockchain industry striving for ISO 14001 certification to showcase your commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, contact us today. Let's work together to elevate your project to new heights of environmental excellence.
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